Architecture Professional Education

Architecture Professional Education?

Unlike many professional fields such as law, or medicine, there are many ways to become an architect. In other words, there are many possible ways to complete an architecture professional education.

Here is a list of the possible ways to pursue your architecture professional education:
  • 4 + 2 program
  • 5-year professional degree-Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch degree)
  • Three or four year graduate program
  • Become an architect mostly through practical experience

Architecture Professional Education

4 + 2 program

Some universities offers a 4 + 2 program. The 4 + 2 program consists of a 4-year undergraduate pre-professional program ( Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies or Bachelor of Environmental Design) and then followed by a 2-year professional program (the Master of Architecture or M. Arch).

Many students t ake some time off to work in an architect's office before returning for the professional degreethe M. Arch program.

A 5-year professional degree-Bachelor of Architecture

Some universities offer a 5-year professional degree Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch degree). However, B. Arch programs allow less time for liberal arts and general education courses; the focus is on the architecture core courses and the design studio.

Three or four year graduate program
Most universities now only offer 3- or 4-year graduate (M. Arch) programs in architecture. You need to have any kind of Bachelor degree first to apply for the graduate (m. Arch).

Usually, accredited professional degree is required for licensure in United States, Canada, Australia , England, and the rest of the world but not always. For instance, in the state of California, 8 years of experience qualifies you to apply to become a registered architect. Some universities might allow you to enroll in advanced positions in their graduate programs if you have a bachelor degree in computer science, visual art, fine art or geography.

Do you know that in 13 states in the united states it is possible to become licensed architect with a pre- professional degree, and without an accredited professional degree (B. Arch or M. Arch) ?
Become an architect mostly through practical experience

There are some exceptional in the architectural law that allow anyone to design houses up to three stories high, and small commercials building. We will teach you everything you need to know about designing homes, if you don't want to pursue a formal architecture education.

However, you still can become an architect through practice, or both, formal education and practice. For instance, in the United States, you can become a registered architect, after passing the ARE test, if you have practiced architecture with a registered architect for 8 years. For information visit the California Architects Board's Website.

In Canada, there are two ways to become an architect; either through pursuing higher education throug the ten canadian universities that offer pre- professional and professional architecture degrees, or through through the RAIC Syllabus. With the RAIC Syllabus, you will be working with registered architect most of the time, while taking some courses online. RAIC Syllabus provide architectural education nationally through practical experience and courses of study. For information visit RAIC Syllabus' website RAIC Syllabus.

Architecture Professional Education

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