Famous Architects: lives and works of the most famous architects

Architects have made many of the most significant advancements in history of art and science. If you serious about becoming an architect, then you need to learn the skills mastered by other. Read about the lives and works of the most famous architects, and designers.

Here are architects biographies of the leaders in the field. Those listed here are only those who are truly unique and have significantly contributed to the field. Hundreds of famous architects have emerged, but not all of them are really great. Don't be fooled by fame, judge for yourself. We will only list those who we believe are the best, not those who the media, or sometimes money, made them famous.

Architects have always contributed to enriching and forming society with their creative innovations and design. Maybe the greatest among them was Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most well known architects of the twentieth century. Study and study their lives and works, and then create, if you can, you own unique vision and style.

Famous architects

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