Sustainable Architecture

Eco friendly design techniques of architecture are termed as features of sustainable architecture. The design techniques described in this sustainable architecture includes the features which are beneficial for the environment. Sustainable architecture reduces the negative environment contact of the buildings. Reduction of negative impact of the buildings is done by use of ornamental or modernized materials. Main aim of sustainable architecture is to increase energy efficiency of the building. Many architects use various technique in order to capture or generate buildings own energy.

How to enhance the energy of the building?

  • Well insulated building is most important factor. There is requirement of proper ventilation inside the area of building but an efficient building requires less power dissipation and less heat generation.
  • Large amount of energy from the buildings is expelled out of it in form of water, air and streams. Thus there should be devices which could capture the energy from these resources and transfer them back in the building.
  • The direction of the building and its site was plays an important role on building’s HVAC efficiency.
  • To attach the energy of the sun passive solar building design is best option. The energy of the sun is used without establishment of any active solar mechanism or solar hot water panels. Material used in solar buildings retains high thermal mass in order to retain heat efficiently and strong insulation against escaping heat. Solar buildings also include solar shading which is done by blinds or shutters. These shutters during summer reduce the solar heat gain and hence reduce the need of artificial cooling.
  • Placement of windows at required places plays important role in minimizing the loss of heat through glass. Thus in northern hemisphere large windows are placed towards the south direction to collect direct sun rays and hence north facing windows are restricted in this area.
  • For better insulation double glazed or triple glazed are advantageous over single pane glass windows.
  • Plantation allows sometimes plays important role in maintain the energy in the surrounding area for example deciduous trees are planted in front of the windows to block the sun rays during summer and their leaves falls off and proper light enters across the windows during winters.
  • Light shelves are also installed to allow sunlight during winters hence this installation effect on usage of heating system inside the building.
Thus sustainable architecture allows the features which could reduce the cost of energy used in certain building.
Sustainable Architecture

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