Becoming an Architect

Why You Want to Becoming an Architect?

Can't decide if you want to become an architect ? Would it be a positive decision predicated on positive expectations ? What can you expect? What are the rewards and motivations ? Are you willing to invest five to eight years in rigorous university and professional education, and then three or more years in internship ?
Becoming an Architect

What's your incentive ? Is it Money? Social status ? Let's Talk Honestly:

Money ? People pursue a profession to earn a living, right ? But salaries vary dramatically from one profession to another especially in the field of architecture. For instance, some architects can only earn enough to ensure survival. But of coures that doesn't mean you can't earn above avearge income as an architect. Many architects in fact become really rich, and achieve relative affluence. People assumes that architects are big-income professionals because architects are fre quently associated with circumstances reflecting costly lifestyles, but the truth is that some architects are, but most are not.

Becoming an Architect

Is it Possible to Become Really Rich as an Architect?

Yes, but most architects can only earn comfortable or mod est livings. The Average income of an architect is considered to be middle class income. Earning money can be sometimes a serious problem for architects as consistent compensation is an ongoing problem for the entire profession.

Architecture is not a field to enter to become a filthy rich, but you don't have to be exceptionally talented to earn a decent living. The money issue is one of many reasons why some architects have become real estate developers or construction contractors. Some Architects choose to teach in architectural schools, where they can earn a better and a stable income stream than practising architecture. Some rich people practice architecture as an impassioned hobby.

Becoming an Architect

After school, How Much Money Will I be Making as an Intern Architect?

Graduate architects begin their careers as wage earners either hourly, monthly, or annual salaries. How much depends on the market place conditions. After three years of internship and further practice and examinations, they may become associates or principal owners of architectures firms, or they can establish their own firms if they can afforded it. However, if you get lucky enough to work for a large architecture firm, you can earn a larger income as most big firms provide larger incomes at all levels, from senior partner down to newly employed draftsperson.

Becoming an Architect

Overview of the Profession

The architect is to be concerned firstly with the construction. This encompasses all the practical matters of site, of materials and their limitations and of human capability. The second concern is "articulation; the building must work and should please those who use it, and it must also suit their needs. The third concern of the architect is aesthetics, both of proportion and of ornament .

The role of the architect is constantly evolving. During the last two decades of the twentieth century as structural systems, services, and technologies, began to be recognized and the complexity of buildings began to increase, architecture started becoming more multi-disciplinary than ever. Architecture today, and depends oin the scales of the project, usually requires a team of specialist professionals, with the architect being usually the team leader .

Becoming an Architect

So what exactly does an Architect do?

Architect usually leads a team of specialists such as civil , electrical, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, and many others. However, architects are required to have a thoroughly understanding of building codes and various government jurisdictions. The architect needs to comply with local planning and zoning requirements such as height limitations, parking requirements, land use, and many other requirements . We will cover all of these things soon in details .

Architects are involved in the planning, designing, modeling of a building's construction. They design projects based on a client requirements, particular conditions of the site, and many other factors. Architects artistic vision is usually restricted by the economics and budget for a particular project or client.

Architecture is a business, therefore, architects are also trained to be good businessmen. They must have excellent social skills because being a successful architect requires an excellent ability to communicate with people all the time. The most successful architects are the ones best at communicating their vision verbally and visually . It's not all about being creative and designing beautiful things.

The word "design" means a plan. Before constructing a building, an architect needs to draw a plan of the building. Architects make a cardboard or plastic model of the building, however, nowadays with evolution of computer technology, not many architects use this method. Architects ,however, have to consider many things before they draw up plans for a building. For instance, they have to think about what the building will be used for.

Increasingly, the architect participates in the development of requirements the client wishes to have met in the building. Architects typically, advise and review the work of a general contractor. They also monitor the progress of the work during construction on behalf of their clients.

Becoming an Architect

What is a typical day working as an architect?

To name some: architect usually visit construction sites, designing and drawings , meet with clients, win contracts, solve problems, estimating costs, meet with consultants, and draw up specifications.

Becoming an Architect
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